Lime In The Coconut Origin Story

Lime In The Coconut Origin Story

Lime in the Coconut might be one of my favorite candle creations. Read on to learn when it all started and why it is near and dear to my heart! 


I created Lime in the Coconut for our '21 Summer Collection.  I got many compliments and great feedback in June 2021 at my in person pop up. Hearing feedback from REAL people, in REAL time honestly helps SO much. It helps confirm that the scent is good, and not just because I think so....

 It was so good, I kept a candle for myself! When it was almost gone😪, I stored it away in one of my (many) candle stashes🤪.


The world seemed to open up again and move faster (post pandemic)... I was doing so many in person pop ups, working 2 different coaching jobs, and raising a young puppy (Sylvie).

Long story short, life got busy and in that mix, Lime in the Coconut was "Archived." 


While cleaning, I found that long lost candle. I picked it up, smelled it, and it brought back allllll the memories of Good Juju's Summer 2021. I LOVED MAKING THAT CANDLE.

A couple thoughts popped up in my head as I lit and enjoyed the very last of it. "IT'S SO GOOD." "WHY DID I STOP MAKING THIS?"

I knew it needed to come back for Summer 2024. So I made it happen! 

It's amazing how scents and smells can evoke feelings, emotions, & memories. This scent always brings me back to happy times on vacation, relaxing pool/beachside, with great company, and a cool refreshing drink in hand. 

Hope you can get your hands on one this summer before it's gone! 

💚 Kellee 

ps: The 'LIME IN THE COCONUT' name has more meaning than you may think. It not only perfectly describes the scent, but you may know it also stems from a classic song "Coconut" by Hary Nilsson

When I was younger, I had a cat named Cocoa. She was my beautiful girl, she loved to be around the family, but had a hint of sassiness (just like her mother🤪). If I could describe her in one word it would be "queen," because she ruled over our dogs and just had that royal, entitled energy (that most cats carry)!

One day my mom and I were cooking in the kitchen and "Coconut" by Hary Nilsson started to play. Not sure why, but it turned into a dance/karaoke party and Cocoa was right in the mix. She was meowing and weaving in & out of our legs. I always think of her when I hear that song now. 😊

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