What is "Reiki-Infused"?

Good Juju Candle Co. Non-toxic reiki candles


We create high quality, non-toxic candles that are Reiki charged with positive energy. When you light your candle you'll receive positive energy that's infused into it.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that channels universal life force energy. It is pure, positive energy and is becoming more widely used as an alternative healing method in the Western World.

Traditionally, Reiki can relieve stress, release emotional blocks and balance the body’s energy and chakras.

Another reason why we Reiki charge and cleanse our candles, is everything is made out of energy and holds an energetic/vibrational frequency. The term "high vibe" refers to high vibrational energy which is associate with positive energy. "Low Vibe" or "bad vibes" is usually referring to a negative energy or a feeling of something/someone being "off."

So, when our supplies get to us, we clear its energy to make sure there's no negative/hectic energy attached as we make our products.

Think about it...the ingredients that go into making a product don't just magically appear out of thin air.

Every ingredient had to come from somewhere and someone has handled it. Who knows what that person's energy was like when they handled it. It has traveled distances and been shipped/handled by different hands before getting to its final destination. Clearing out the energy and infusing it with the highest form of positive energy through Reiki is our way of uplifting and spreading positive energy, little by little. 

Note: You may not believe in Reiki or understand it, and that is okay. Just know that Reiki is not attached to a religion or a specific belief system. It is available to anyone who would like to be/chooses to be open to it. There is nothing you need to do to receive Reiki, it goes where it is needed. For our candles, our specific intention of infusing positive energy is a "boost" of good feeling, happy, good energy to your environment. 

We can all use a little more of that! 

With love,

Kellee | Founder & Maker | Reiki II Certified 

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