The start of something Good (Juju)

The start of something Good (Juju)

Hi, My name is Kellee and I am the (human) co-founder of Good Juju Candle Co.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how I got started making candles... so here's Cliff notes version of that story! 

Read on to learn about how Good Juju Candle Co was created slowly but surely over the past 6 years.

2015: I started on a holistic wellness journey after frustrations with conventional methods for thyroid healing. This change my life forever...

Through the years I fell in love with alternative practices like acupuncture, Reiki, craniosacral therapy, meditation, ETF, just to name a few. I invested A LOT of time (and money) into these modalities 

2018: I received my Masters in Kinesiology with a concentration in Integrative Wellness.

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 6 years and love coaching movement, seeing people challenge themselves and show up to better their health through lifestyle changes.

Through my own health experience, and in my never-ending journey to learn more and more about holistic/ whole person wellness, I discovered the power and importance that energy work/spiritual health/mindset techniques/stress management has on our overall wellbeing.

2019: I knew there was more that I could do to serve people: I wanted to create something that would be beneficial in a multitude of ways and that was a lower barrier to entry, and less intimidating for those new to ‘energy work’.

I am also a huge advocate of non toxic products and aim to use ‘safer’ products on my body and in my home. Cheap/Low quality ingredient candles, Paraffin wax and heavily fragranced (with who-knows-what chemicals) type Candles have been a huge red flag for me for years candles that are ‘green washed’ (through marketing) to look ‘natural’ but actually aren’t, make me sick.

2020: due to the pandemic's effects on the fitness industry with closures, cancellations and schedule limitations, etc. I spent more time at home, coaching clients remotely and working on my own wellness coaching business. Eventually this lead to me taking more professional and personal development courses. I  become Reiki II Certified and started working with a non-toxic beauty company. During this time I also began making non-toxic soy wax candles as a creative outlet and hobby. Literally started in the kitchen with one pot of wax! I realized quickly over the first couple months that it was something I loved to do. I could create a wellness product that would benefit others in ways that I was looking for in the past. Not only are Good Juju Candles nontoxic, they are also infused with Reiki energy which is pure, positive energy.

So, I continued to take action to build Good Juju Candle Co. (with the help of Juju our pup). I have LOVED every part of creating safer, luxurious candles that bring happiness, comfort, and beauty to your home✨ thank you for your support! 

UPDATE: Original post was written in 2021... here we are now in Jan. 2024, so I wanted to add a couple things. 

2023: A year of growth both personally and professionally. A rollercoaster year of ups and downs if you will. Now, if you aren't tapped into the world of  makers/handmade/small businesses, etc., allow me to share some insight. Many small business (unfortunately) went out of business. I heard tons of my vendor friends say sales were tough this year at pop ups/markets. Reaching customers on social media is like speaking to an empty room at times (convincing yourself that you MUST be shadow-banned).  HOWEVER, I refuse to give up our dream and passion. So Juju and I will continue growing, and creating more, slowly but surely.

Cheers to 2024! Thank you for being here, we hope to send you some Good Juju this year! 

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